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Assessment Literacy Training is a Course

Assessment Literacy Training

Started Mar 1, 2022


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Educational assessment is the process of gathering information about student learning to inform education-related decisions. Assessments can reflect a wide variety of learning targets using a range of assessment methods serving many important users and uses at a variety of levels--from the classroom to the school/district to the state. In this sense, assessment is an essential part of the teaching and learning process. 

Strong assessment literacy (or assessment capabilities) is foundational to high-quality assessment practices in classrooms. An educator becomes assessment literate by mastering basic principles of sound assessment practice, coming to believe strongly in their consistent, high-quality application in order to meet the diverse needs of all students, and acting assertively based on those values. The specific nature of those applications varies with one's role in the educational process, as well as the contexts and policy constraints within which one serves. 

The purpose of this assessment literacy training is to provide K-12 classroom educators with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to design, select, interpret and use assessments to make better educational decisions for students and, ultimately, improve student achievement outcomes.


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