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MLSS Course 1: Implementation and Administration 23-24


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Full course description

Implementation and Administration is the first course in a series consists of four courses:  

  • MLSS 1: MLSS Implementation and Administration
  • MLSS 2: Layered Supports
  • MLSS 3: School Supports 
  • MLSS 4: Wrap-Around Supports 

MLSS is a data-driven, prevention-based framework for improving learning outcomes for every student using a layered continuum of evidence-based practices and systems. The MLSS framework builds capacity among educators and families so that they can partner to support student success. It is based on a wide body of evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects of family, school, and community partnerships in schools at all grade levels.

Participating in this first course on the background and Core Components of MLSS will give you the opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with the origins, purpose, and structure of the MLSS framework
  • Learn about the Core Components of MLSS
  • Understand how MLSS fits within New Mexico education law and regulation
  • Examine the role of Student Assistance Teams (SATs) when implementing MLSS
  • Locate and explore resources available to learn more about MLSS

# Educators & Staff

# Administrators
# Curriculum and Instruction
# Curriculum & Instruction
# Multi-Layered System of Supports