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Keeping NM Schools Safe: Safe Schools Plans is a Course

Keeping NM Schools Safe: Safe Schools Plans

Ends Dec 30, 2023


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In New Mexico, as in the rest of the nation, we are looking at strategies to keep students, staff and faculty safe in our schools. Resources provided offers up-to-date information with the intent of:

  • Assisting schools and their community partners with the development and revision of site-specific Safe Schools Plans (SSP);
  • Preventing and mitigating an occurrence and/or recurrence of adverse events;
  • Properly training school staff and students to assess, facilitate and implement response actions to emergency events; and
  • Providing the basis for coordinating protective actions prior to, during and after any type of crises.

Students cannot learn and teachers cannot teach if they do not feel safe in their school environment. Families and communities expect schools to keep our children safe from threats (i.e., human-caused emergencies such as crime and violence) and hazards (i.e., natural disasters, disease outbreaks and accidents) during the school day, on school grounds and to/from/at off-site school activities. In collaboration with local government entities and community partners, schools can take steps to plan for potential emergencies through the creation of quality SSPs.

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