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Canvas Course Design with Accessibility in Mind



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Canvas Course Design with Accessibility in Mind

NOTE:  This course has prerequisites:

To be successful in this course, it is recommended that participants complete the courses below prior to beginning this course. If you haven't completed these courses, click the links provided to self-enroll. 

In this course, we will dive into best practices for course design and accessibility. Along the way, we will be using the analogy of building a home. You’ll soon see there are many similarities between building a home and building a Canvas course. The processes are very similar! The design process can be thought of as four steps:

  • Begin designing your course by creating an outline (house blueprint).
  • Add content (add your walls to your house)
  • Add graphical assets (painting and tilework)
  • Once your course is complete, you’ll invite your students to begin to learn (just as you have a housewarming party)


# Educators & Staff

# Administrators


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