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Conference Archive - 2021 AIR: Advocate, Innovate, Renew is a Course

Conference Archive - 2021 AIR: Advocate, Innovate, Renew



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The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) is inspired by the rich socio-cultural history of our state. We believe that children are most successful when they see themselves respected by and reflected in their educational environment, which requires centering our children in the conversation, honoring and affirming their identities and cultures, and promoting trusting relationships in schools and communities. The Inspire AIR conference will encourage educators and families to see their children and students through a shared lens - a lens through which children are validated for the historical gifts they contribute, the dynamic individuals that they are, and the genius they ignite within as they move through their educational journey.

In addition, this conference will offer opportunities to cultivate shared advocacy skills, innovate on existing and best practices, and renew the spirits and minds of educators, families, and students. This gathering will include celebrations of the diversity of our communities; promote discussions and catalyze activities around wellness and healing, equity and inclusion; offer workshops centered on both adaptive and technical change in the classroom; and provide opportunities for educators and key stakeholders to network, share stories of success, and push one another’s thinking and practice in service of all children in New Mexico, with a particular emphasis on students and families most impacted by inequity.


# Educators & Staff

# Administrators

# Special Education

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